Offered at our convenient location in Lafayette, Louisiana

Dermalinfusion is a cutting-edge, revolutionary procedure that will exfoliate your skin, simultaneously infuse a powerful topical serum, remove any and all toxins with lymphatic drainage, build new collagen growth for better texture and skin health, and improve circulation! This twenty minute treatment has no down time, is pain free, and will provide you with immediate results!


  • Custom exfoliation with medical grade diamond treatment heads
  • Choice of four potent topical serums for deep infusion into pores
  • Lymphatic drainage for removal of toxins / inflammation
  • Collagen regrowth for uneven / scarred skin
  • Improved circulation for blotchy redness / rosacea patients
  • No pain, no downtime, immediate and visible improvements in skin health
  • Treatment is completely customized and tailored for each patient
  • Hospital / university grade disinfecting system