Breast Asymmetry

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Breast asymmetry occurs when one breast does not develop fully compared with the other. This is not uncommon; in truth, no woman’s breasts are exactly the same on the left and the right. But, when we refer to breast asymmetry, we are talking about women who have maybe a half a cup size or more difference from one breast to the other.

Smaller differences can be improved by placing a little bit more saline in one side of a breast implant compared with the other. Larger differences might require a breast augmentation with two different size implants, a breast lift, a breast reduction, or some combination of these procedures. Sometimes asymmetry is a result of Poland’s syndrome, a birth defect that causes a lack of development of the breast on one side of the body; it may also affect the chest muscle and the arm and hand on the same side.

Breast asymmetry may also be due to a sunken or protruding breast bone, prominent ribs on one side, or from the loss of a breast from cancer. Women with asymmetrical breasts often say they feel self-conscious about their figures and have difficulty finding bras and tops that fit well and make them feel comfortable. They want their breasts to be closer in size and they want to look better in clothes.

This is where Drs. Delatte & Mes can help. At your consultation, the surgeon will examine and measure you. Oftentimes, women with breast asymmetry don’t know their actual bra size. They know their breasts are different sizes, but they don’t know how much of a difference there is – and that’s important in determining what needs to be done.

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